class descriptions


Receive $5 credit for any class

Intro to Mindfulness Dynamic Meditation Training -  we won’t just sit there :-) explore and experience various techniques to bring your brain waves into Alpha ~ an alert yet calm state of being. Meditation training benefits you in stabilizing and freeing your mind and emotions, sleeping better, having more pleasure, expanded states of consciousness, health, clarity, and more!  Mondays- 6-7:30pm. on-going

Awakening Flow - great way to start your day! Awakening or enlivening your whole self to help you feel more alive! Chandra Bhala Yoga Series, and other creative flows to leave you feeling re-energized, flexible, mentally clear, and peaceful.  Beginner’s friendly and adjusted to all levels. Tuesdays 9;30-11am on-going

Moderate Beginner Daoist Yoga - if de-stressing, increasing flexibility and strength is one of your goals and want to do it without extreme exertion but rather in a moderate, gradual and enjoyable way, this class is for you! I include various disciplines from around the world, such as Qi-gong, Donak Doin, Acu-yoga  and other wisdom disciplines. This class will leave you feeling relaxed yet energized!  Tuesdays with Shanti 6 to 7:30pm. On-going

Qi-gong / Yoga for Women- - based on oriental medicine, the intention is to help you release or purge energy (stress), open channels to allow greater flow of energy (circulation) and strengthen all systems (tonifying) by balancing the flow to all parts as equally as possible.  Grounding practices, joint loosening exercises, healing breathing techniques, strengthening poses, brain balancing and more.  Explore a different way to restore health and wellbeing.  We finish with hatha yoga stretches and deep relaxation pose.  Wednesdays with Shanti 6pm to 7:30pm. On-going -

Gentle Restorative Yoga - allows your nervous system to relax deeply while aiding the endocrine system to awaken. We will use bolsters and blankets to support you on various poses where no muscle exertion is required.  We start the class with joint loosening exercises and may do gentle movement in between poses to increase circulation  and allow for a balanced practice that leaves you feeling calm yet energized! Evidence confirms that yoga relieves aches, pains, anxiety, and overall stress, as well as increasing flexibility and wellbeing.   All other classes currently available are gentle and restorative. Now on Thursdays 6pm - on-going

Beginner Thai Partner Yoga - bring a friend, sister, mother, partner, spouse to an evening of fun and deeply relaxing partner stretches and simple massage techniques. An evening to remember! Tea, snacks and chocolate will be served! First & Third Fridays each month thru March. 5:30pm to 7:30pm snacks after workshop -$25 per person.

Yoga for Lunch with Pam- Noon is a perfect time to also align with the solar life force falling perpendicular at this time of day.  The benefits are many and among them will be even more energy, mental clarity and deeper sense of connection to Life! - Noon to 1pm - available EVERY MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY WITH PAM BRADSHAW.  On-going.

Chandra Bhala Yoga Series - Designed by the renowned French sage, Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere, predominantly taught in Europe and South America, unique to few locations in the United States including Shanti Yoga Haven, right here in East Tennessee! A complete and unique synthesis of Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Qi-gong, Ballet, Martial Arts, Brain Gym & Kundalini.

The series includes three (3) parts: PART 1, increases flexibility, warms the body, loosens the joints and massages internal organs; PART 2, improves balance, concentration, coordination and brain coherence; PART 3, strengthens one’s core and completes whole self rejuvenation. Saturday mornings in September! $75 early registration or $80 at the door. Walk ins welcomed $25


Healing Chakra Yoga - for all levels - balance and revitalize your energy centers (chakras) with Shanti. The Chakras are the keys to having greater ability to feel safe and secure, creative and sexy, confident and worthy, loving and compassionate, expressive and truthful, visionary and intuitive, and a greater connection to the Universal Self.  Learn various meditation techniques to expand and access Peaceful Consciousness.

You will be lovingly and safely guided in breath, movement, meditations and information that are specifically prescribed for each of the chakras. No previous experience required. Inlcuded in all classes.

Meditation Training -

Grab a hold of your mind or you may loose it!  Learn how to work with your mind when it doesn’t seem to shut up. We will explore various techniques to find the one that works best for you. What is meditation? Breath and Hatha Yoga are a vital necessity as tools to manage your mind.  Tea & snacks will be available.  Your investment is less that one psychological therapy session and one that will yield a return that will last a lifetime! Call for private instruction or next group training session

Private Sessions -   Yoga Therapy & Transformational Coaching is designed to specifically address your personal needs, whether physical, mental/emotional, energetic or spiritual.    Individual sessions are for you if  you are needing special attention due to complex needs, or just coming back to exercise, or scheduled classes do not suit you. It  may incorporate therapeutic asanas, emotional stability techniques, learning to work with your mind, balancing your energy, metapsychology counseling, and other techniques. Your investment is $80 for 75mim.

Healing Sessions with Shanti -  restoring wholeness through various hands-on modalities which may include Thai-Yoga massage, Bio-magnetic Therapy to help you realign your whole electro-magnetic system, reduce pain and inflammation and  increase circulation, Reiki, Kiatsu (acupressure points combined with energy work), Qi-gong (using breath for healing), Brain Wave Vibration training, Intuitive Counseling / Metapsychology Counseling.  Your investment is $90 for 60min plus $1/min thereafter.  This month’s special - 40% for 90 min is only $72.  Discounts available for multiple sessions.  Schedule your appointment by calling Shanti @ 621-5301 or email her at