Yoga Life Coach, C.Y.T., R.M., Rev.


Shanti is a Certified Yoga Life Coach and Meditation Instructor through the G.F.U. (Universal Great Brotherhood) since 1994.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Yoga and Mathesis in 2008. Shanti and her School “Chandra Bhala Yoga Life Training” are Registered and Certified through the A.M.S. (World Association of Wisdom) and The Faculty of Higher Studies of Initiation (FAEI)

Shanti is also certified as a Off the Mat Yoga Coach using Spiritual Technology or P.E.A.T.  She is a Reiki Master, Energy Balancer through Bio-magnetics, Qi-gong Instructor, InterPlay leader and is also certified in Thai Yoga Therapy. Shanti has been teaching the technology, philosophy, science and art of Yoga in the Knoxville area since 1994. 

Shanti’s training began in early childhood in Nicaragua at her parents Yoga Institute, which they directed for 22 years.  She practiced Yoga through both her pregnancies which allowed her to have natural childbirths at home.  Besides training with her parents, who held doctorates in Yoga & Mathesis, she has also trained, since 1994 with Sat Guru Dr. Mejias, Venerable Sat Arhat, Dr. Florencio Vasquez, Dr. Ilchi Lee of the Dahn Energy Yoga Centers and others.

Shanti has studied Jon Kabat-Zin on Mindfulness Training, Dr. Wayne Dyer on the Power of Intention, Eckhart Tolle on the Power of Now and the New Earth; trained with Rodney Yee, Rod Stryker, Stephanie Keach and others on various Hatha Yoga Styles; has also studied Acu-Yoga, Brain Respiration, Optimum Nutrition,  Quantum Healing, Qi-Gong, Emotional Freedom Technique and other subjects. After training with Deborah Davis, L.Ac., and author of “Qi-gong for Women”, it has been her delight to share this wisdom combined with Yoga in her “Day of Rejuvenation for Women” offered in Knoxville and other cities.

Shanti feels her purpose in life is to enhance her knowledge so that she may share with you how to experience greater personal serenity and enjoy personal transformation at all levels of being.


Name: Shanti means Inner-Peace in Sanskrit

Birthday: July 4

College: FAEI & AMS

Major: Yoga Life Coach, Meditation Coach, Qi-gong, Therapeutic Breathing Coach, Vibrational Healer, Thai Yoga Therapy, InterPlay, Reiki, Minister in Universal Truths and Metapsychology.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Book: The Kybalyon

Favorite Movie: Amelie

Favorite Food: Plant Based

Favorite Quote: “Observe What is, Release Judgement, Relax into Being!”


Phone: 865-621-5301